Saturday, April 25, 2009

Something weekend this way comes...

After the week I had at work I could kiss the weekend for being here! I have never wanted to punch people in the face as much as I did this week. Have you heard of being ethical? Apparently not so much based on how you're handling things. But who cares? It's the weekend. I started the weekend by making myself some comfort food-Mom's mac and cheese with hot dogs. SO good. And a tall beer was also on the menu. C had plans so I was finally going to watch Twilight. Well, C's plans ended early so we attempted to watch Role Models-He fell asleep halfway through snoring so loud I had to yell at him to wake up, and I fell asleep 3/4 of the way through (not snoring though!) When I finally peeled myself off the couch at 11ish I did some computering (see prior post on whether this is a word) and then finally got in bed. If you think I was smart enough to go to sleep you are wrong-I thought it would be a good idea to start Twilight! I finally turned it off at 1:00 when the action was getting ready to start with the tracker. I was HIGHLY disappointed in the movie. The book was so descriptive that while reading it I actually had a better movie in my head. I guess it's too be expected though-Books rarely translate well to movies, especially with a small budget. Tonight we're driving to BIL and SIL's house for a poker game and tomorrow we're going to the A's game. I've only been one other time but tailgating is so much fun! The downside is having to drive back home in traffic and go back to work on Monday. I just looked down at my dog Bailey who is having a tough day of sleeping first in the sun and now in the computer room, and I'm envious of her that she doesn't have my job right now. Isn't that sad? I'm jealous of a dog. But who wouldn't be jealous of her? Isn't she cute?
Ok, I'm biased but I think most people think she's dang cute! I'll probably post again on Monday when I'm back in hell, so until then I hope the weekend is great for everyone!

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