Monday, April 27, 2009


Monday is here and I'm waving it goodbye! I'm actually going to make a valiant attempt to get in bed before 9:30...24 minutes to make it! Wow. I'm sort of pathetic that I'm so desperate to go to bed that early, but we had a long weekend-Poker on Saturday night-C took first and I took second, so it was worth it to stay up until 2:00 and then wake up at 7:00. I think. But, the early wake up call so we could go watch the Oakland A's beat the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. Let's Go Oakland!! C's whole family was there so it was a lot of fun...we haven't seen our niece and nephew in a few months so it was fun. Exhausting, but fun. Today went by pretty fast which is always nice. The only hangup I'm having right now is figuring when we can squeeze a vacation to Texas to see my family in between our other vacations. It's a tough life, but we'll manage! I did try the free grilled chicken from KFC-not bad actually. Of course when you have to buy side dishes it's not free anymore but who cares it's the premise right? The rest of the week should go by fast with my day on on Wednesday so that's always exciting. All in all it wasn't a bad Monday!

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