Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh dreaded Monday...

How I hate you. Today had the worst. starting. ever. It didn't end too badly so that's cool. A few events this weekend are worth mentioning. Saturday morning I got weighed in for the Body Fit Challenge at the gym and even though I have some major work to do to be where I would like I feel good about starting. The actual sessions with the trainer start tomorrow so if I'm not half dead I'll try to post! I came home from the gym and sat on my deck to soak up some rays and finish reading Twilight-I wasn't very far into it, but managed to complete it during the afternoon. I was expecting to like it as much as did-Who'd-a-thunk you could want to date a vampire so badly? I'm ready to start New Moon now. The bad news about my literary adventure on the deck is that I'm now a lovely shade of pink. Hopefully it fades to a nice golden brown! Saturday night I went to a party and realized that I might be slightly embarrassed by my best friend. That's a topic for a whole other blog though. Sunday I enjoyed a very yummy brunch with new friends and then afterwards went home and picked up the 2 furbabies and met C at the disc golf course where we played 18 holes. The dogs had a great time-One wouldn't get out of the nasty creek water and the other ran after all the frisbees but luckily she didn't pick any up-She just wanted to chase them! All in all it was a great weekend. I just hope the week turns out better than today was!

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