Monday, May 4, 2009

I love Vacation week!

Ok, so it's Monday and that sucks, but I had a great weekend! Chelsea Handler on Friday night for my best friend's birthday-Damn that girl is funny! See some quotes from her fansite here:
On Saturday we ended up at our friend's neighbor's Cinco de Mayo party instead of dinner at our friends house like we were supposed to but we ended up having a great time. C is QUITE the Beer Pong ringer! Then we went back to our friend's house and played Pictionary-I haven't played that game in probably 20years and I've definitely never played with C, but holy crap we're an AMAZING team. He drew a line and 2 houses and I guessed neighborhood right after that! I think even we were surprised at how good we were. We may have to hustle some more people!
Sunday we took my Mom and 93 y/o Grandma out for brunch as an early Mother's Day present. Any day with Gma is an adventure for sure...she's full of crazy stories! We're going to be gone on the actual day so we wanted to celebrate early-we went to Lake Forest Cafe and I had super yummy crepes w/turkey and herb cheese. If you're ever in the Folsom area I highly recommend this place but it's very tiny and due to their hours I would recommend getting there early or getting reservations-they take them for parties of 5 or more.
And this week will fly by I'm sure because at 6:00a.m. we'll be on a plane to Baltimore, MD for a wedding that's on Saturday in Chesapeake Bay-It's at the Hyatt there and tell me how beautiful this place looks!? C is actually in the wedding-I just get to enjoy! We're heading to DC for one night too-C grew up near there so he'll show me around since I was 8 the last time I went! I can't wait to have 4 days off work. Oh man I love a vacation!

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