Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Well that's good for the diet...

Losing 6lbs in one day thanks to a GNARLY stomach flu is helpful for weigh in week right? I knew I was going to have to work out hard this week so I didn't make too poor a showing on the BFC weigh in Saturday. Monday I went to the gym and worked out pretty hard-I combined what I learned from the BFC with my own cardio, and felt really good when I got home. Until that is when I ate dinner-I felt really full and my stomach started to hurt. By 10p.m. I went to bed feeling really sick, and was up for the rest of the night...I should have set up a bed in the bathroom, it would have been more convenient. In the morning C got it too-This was gift from his parents and family after his niece's 1st birthday party-His niece and nephew got it last week, his brother got it a few days after that, and his parents missed their granddaughter's party because they had it. This bug apparently knows how to party because it hit everyone hard! A total of 6 people got it after the party. I had to call in sick yesterday, and luckily I has today off already so I can at least rest. My body hurts so badly still though. I feel like I got hit by a truck. Hopefully this is my last sickness for the Summer and even the year. We have our 1st anniversary this month, and then I have 2 trips to Texas to visit my family and celebrate my other niece's first birthday...Need to be in top shape for those trips!!

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